Friday, July 16, 2004

and the marriage posts continue....

My friend K is not married either, thank God.   I just got the news that she is breaking up with her significant other, and it has made everyone close to her breathe a sign of relief.
It's one of those sticky situations where you just really can't stand the guy, but you know saying something will make things just suck between your friend and you until they come crying about how the person broke their heart.
This guy was a real piece of work.  She met him from the Internet (Egads!) and just fell for him immediately.  As the former owner of a once very popular chat room, (until I pulled the plug because I was sick of the BS) I don't trust the whole Internet hook up option.  I have, simply put, seen way to much shit.
He told her he wanted kids and a family and all that good stuff.  K was born to be a Mom.  That is her main goal in life, but finding a Daddy has always been an issue with her.  She doesn't exactly make the best choices, and there is nothing that reeks desperation like an early 30's woman who wants children in the worst way.
This guy had how he wanted kids soooo bad in his little Yahoo! Personal ad.  I guess he just told her that  he really didn't want children, so she dumped his ass.
I'm beginning to think I am rubbing off on K. 
More good news on the home front:  I have a whole weekend off this weekend!!!  I haven't had a whole weekend off since Christmas.  To double my pleasure Amazon delivered Project Greenlight 2 on my doorstep this morning.
I am so hooked on that show.  If they don't make a 4 I'll cry.

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