Monday, November 13, 2006

Ahhhhh Haaaaa!

Yes, I've had an ahhhh haaaaa! moment.

As anyone who hasn't been bore with a super fast metabolism knows, weight loss/maintenance is a constant battle.

When I started this blog almost 3 years ago I was starting to lean towards being in the "chunky" category, which I quickly resolved before I headed straight towards the "tank ass" category.

I had put a few pounds back on the last couple of weeks. By a few pounds I mean my clothes still fit but were decidely uncomfortable. Dangerously close to going up a size.

Well now that weight is starting to come off. I'm a big believer in calories in/calories out.

What was the change? What was going on almost 3 years ago when I started this blog?

I was on the dayshift. I recently had to go to the dreaded shift for 3 weeks, in which I put on a whopping 7 pounds. In 3 weeks.

I eat like a farmer when I'm on afternoons. When I was a small child and my parents forced us into child slave labor for our Grandparents, things were greatly different. Lunch, or dinner as they called it was the biggest meal of the day. Breakfast was the second biggest, and sometimes what we call dinner or they call supper was just a small snack.

This is how I eat on afternoons. And I have no problem whatsoever in the maintenance of my weight when I'm on afternoons.

On dayshift I find it hard to even grab a banana and yogurt at 4 in the morning, much less a big hearty breakfast. Lunch usually flies out the window because I hit snooze one to many times. So by the time I am driving home from work I am Famished with a capital "F".

So there you go. I've done went and figured it all out!

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