Monday, December 26, 2005

Me Too!!!!!!!

There are an awful lot of people that annoy the fuck out of me.

Take your "I Looked the Best I'm Ever Going To Look in High School So I Still Have Big Hair And Wear Jordache Jeans" people. They annoy the fuck out of me.

Take your "I'm Better Then You" people. They spend vast amounts of time and money to try and seem better then you, when it actuality they really feel insecure. They annoy the fuck out of me.

Take your "You Owe Me" people. Everybody owes them something, why oh why is the world so cruel to them, God forbid they try and help their situation. They annoy the fuck out of me.

This leads into the "Finger Pointer" people that sometimes cross breeds with the "You Owe Me" people. Nothing, I repeat nothing is every their fault. They never have solutions, just reasons why it is not their fault. They annoy the fuck out of me.

What am I getting at here besides the fact that a lot of people annoy the fuck out of me? I'm getting to the Mother of All People That Annoy The FUCK Out of Me. The "Me Too!!!!" people.

This weekend we had the yearly party for the Original Party People (my parents for you new readers). They had just got into town, and we were having a grand old time until I realized that someone had invited the Idiot From Hell.

"Me Too!!!!" to the max she is. I can hardly contain my blood pressure when I am around her.

It doesn't matter what the subject is. Be it politics, movies, child rearing, or philosophical questions, she will see what the majority of the people say, or what the person she is talking to will say, and interject with "Me Too!!!!"

She has no opinion but what is told to her. She's a freakin' parrot. If you God forbid ask her to back anything up, she can't.

Which of course, I always do. This may make me seem like a bitch, which of course, I am.

The conversation got heated as people started discussing President Bush and the Dems vs. Repubs. Someone said something about abortions would probably become illegal, and she was all, "Oh yes, I think that too!"

Someone else started lamenting about the whole gun control issue. Red states and blue states then became the topic of discussion. "Pretty soon women will be getting backroom abortions because of the South! Those people are just stupid!" she said.

Back the fuck up.

I think a statement like that deserves an explanation don't you all (or y'all for you Southerners)? Especially considering she was at a party being given for people from Mississippi

So I go into attack trained killer mode and go right for the jugular.

"Why would you say that?" I ask. Blank stare. You can actually hear the wind flowing through her ears.

"What do you mean?" she asks. People start to get a bit uncomfortable, as they are intelligent enough to know that I am out for the kill.

"What about partial birth? Do you think that's ok?? And why is it the South's fault, the state right next to us voted Bush and they are not in the South"

"Well I don't know how many states were from the south..."

"Then why the hell would you say something like that, at a party given for people that live in Mississippi for Christ's sake!"

At this point, my Mom gave me the "leave the poor stupid people alone" look and I backed off.

Parrot, parrot, parrot. No true thoughts of her own. God that annoys the fuck out of me.

I may be being harsh, and believe me, there are a lot of things that I couldn't form an intelligent opinion on, but I don't just parrot things I've heard about it. I shut the fuck up and listen.

These people do it to be accepted. To be included. It's the all the cool kids are doing it mentality. That annoyed the fuck out of me when I was a cool kid, and it annoys the fuck out of me now that I'm a cool adult.

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