Friday, June 16, 2006

Charmed I'm Sure

So now that I have TiVo I can catch up on all those pop culture-ie things I have missed out on while being a night shift type traveling person for the last 8 years.

I will full well admit with just a hint of embarrassment that one of my guilty pleasures is the show "Charmed".

Now I have only randomly watched Charmed over the what, 8 or so years that it was on. After that brought in their kid Chris from the future I didn't really watch it anymore. It wasn't so much because the show jumped the shark, but because it was just missing something, or someone....

That would be Cole. The world's perfect man.

But never fear, because Cole lives on in the land of re-runs on TNT.

So yesterday my TiVo picked up those first episodes that had Cole in them. When he meets Phoebe, and he is just oh so bad.

I vaguely remember them making him good and getting rid of his demon side. He was a mere mortal, and was a total freakin' wuss.

Cole was at his best when he was still a demon, but trying to be good because he loved Phoebe. He didn't really do bad things, but every once in awhile he'd get that flicker of bad in his eye.

I loved me some Cole then. I loved me some Charmed then. Not so much after Cole got all good then went bye-bye.

This is probably really telling. Perhaps I should stay single forever, eh?

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