Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Good Old Fashioned Liberal Guilt

So my puppy Nitro is coming home in two weeks. Here he is again:

I repeat, isn't he the cutest thing ever? Anyway, even though he is not in my house yet, he has already caused me grief.

Well, not directly, so it's not exactly his fault...

You see, the arrival of these two:

(I finally found a way to tell them apart in pictures)

has caused me to spend way to much time with my brother's in-laws. Oh, the 'rents are ok. Hard-working typical Midwestern people. It's their two daughters.....

My brother's sisters'-in-law have never really worked a day in their life, and don't ever plan on it either. My brother's wife is the youngest, so these women are both in their early 40's.

Their Mom, who is in her mid 60's, just got a part-time job because one of them needed a car, and she signed for it. They promptly stopped paying the payments, hence sticking their Mother with the bill.

I would scrub toilets before my Mother would have to get a job at that age. Anyway...

Did I mention that husbands of these two sisters aren't a whole lot better? They randomly work until they can collect unemployment again. Oh, and God forbid they make too much money and can't get their food stamps anymore.

These are people that definitely prove "the system" doesn't work. They know exactly how to exploit it, and have ever since their teenage asses got pregnant.

So even though they have never really had a job, don't plan on getting a job, and have done nothing to better their situation, they just LOVE making comments about me.

You see, I'm rich. Well, not really, but in their eyes I am rich. Yes, I make a comfortable living. I get union pay and have a side business that does rather well. I probably make more then the average American, have a nice house, nice car, nice stuff...

But I work my ass off for every penny I have. Nothing in my life has been handed to me. I worked my way through college. I payed for it myself, with the exception of scholarships I received for my grade point average, which wasn't much, because I made too much money.

So since they leech off the government and have been delt such a bad hand in life they feel the need to make comments on any purchase I make. Why do I need a house as big as mine (which isn't big, just in a nice area). Why do I need a car and an SUV (try driving in the Chicago winter on the expressway and tell me you wouldn't have one if you had the money)?

Don't I know there are people in America that don't have anything?

Why yes, yes I do. I really do have great empathy for those who are not able to improve their situation, and there are many charities I donate to help these people. I know I'm very fortunate. Lord knows I wasn't born with a silver spoon, but I am lucky enough to have the mental and physical ability to make a good life for myself.

But I also believe if you are able to work you should go out and get a fucking job.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Nitro causing me grief. So I went downtown shopping, and one of my favorite stores, Coach, had the cutest ever dog collar and leash.

And I bought it.

My sis-in-law called me while I was driving home to see if I would bring my camera over to take some pics of the twins. They were going to send out It's a Girl! cards and needed a good photo. I made the huge mistake of saying what I had bought.

Now she didn't do it on purpose, but she said something to the affect of "Your dog is going to be better dressed then me!"

The welfare sisters were sitting there while she was talking to me, and I'm assuming they asked her what she meant by that when she got off the phone with me.

They had plenty to say when I got there about my new purchase. You know, things like "That's just ridiculous" or "You have that much money that you can buy things like that" or "If you have that much money you could always give me some" or "I can't even get my kid decent shoes and you are buying designer collars?"

So I'll admit for a minute I felt that good old fashioned liberal guilt. I mean really, what was I doing buying something like that for a dog.

Then I got over it real quick. I usually never really say anything back to them. It's considered to politically incorrect. Kinda like if someone is naturally skinny it is ok to make comments about their size, but if someone is fat you better not say a word.

It's been an emotional month. Not a real good time to fuck with me...

I just looked at her and said, "Well why don't you get a job so that your kid can have some decent fucking shoes?"

Shock and Awe people. You see, while the fuck's freely flow here, in real life I really don't ever say that word.

After a moment of rather uncomfortable silence the subject was changed and that was that. No going on and on about how much I make. No going on and on about how some of my purchases are frivolous.

I'm diggin' this being politically incorrect stuff. Yes, I bought my fucking dog a designer collar and leash and I don't even HAVE him yet. That is just one of the benefits of having a master that works hard.

He's so going to be stylin'. And I don't feel guilty about it at all.

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